The Circle of Experience
“The Circle of Experience” represents the way we perceive our subjective
reality through vision.
The circle consists of 3 parts: the part of behavior, the part of the
thoughts and the part of the feelings and emotions.

During a normal conversation you can identify the dominant part of the
speaker’s experience circle.
According to the NLP each person has the P so that he can make available
to him- habits and thinking patterns he needs which he omitted.
Awareness of the need (thought) brings about a desired change



NLP is a method from the psychology field based on exploring the structure of subjective experience.
NLP is the technology of the mind and the science of success and achievement.

NLP initials are Neuro Linguistic Programming:
N- Neuro- Refers to the way we perceive reality through our senses and emotions and how we store it.
L-Linguistic- Represents the verbal and nonverbal interpretation we give to the reality we have absorbed.
P-Programming- Refers to the study of behavioral and thinking
Patterns in our daily lives, as a result of neurological
processes and linguistic representation.

The method was developed in the early 1970s of the 20th century in U.S.A
by the linguist Gohn Grinder and mathematician and psychotherapist
Richard Bandler. Their goal was to crack the puzzle of human excellence.

Today the NLP method considered as the most advanced method in the
world for rapid change of thinking patterns, behavior and emotion.


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